US Chamber endorses 4 Big Ideas to strengthen UAE-USA bilateral relations

The U.S. Chamber recommends to Biden Administration to consider the “4 Big Ideas” to strengthen the U.S.-UAE strategic partnership.

Here are the 4 keys that the US Chamber recommends:

  1. Climate — UAE has emerge as a leader on the country’s response to climate change using cutting-edge technologies to curb emissions, improve energy efficiency, and deploy new sources of clean energy. The U.S. Chamber recommends establishing an annual U.S.-UAE Green Economic Summit
  2. Digital Trade — UAE was already a leader in the transformation to a digital economy. The U.S. Chamber recommends a U.S.-UAE Digital Trade Dialogue to foster sustained discussions between the two governments.
  3. Financial Services Innovation — The UAE has positioned itself as a global financial center alongside other leaders, such as New York, Hong Kong and London. The U.S. Chamber encourages establishing a U.S.-UAE Financial Innovation Partnership to enhance bilateral engagement
  4. Healthcare — World-class healthcare is a key priority in the UAE’s Vision 2021 and will remain a key area of opportunity and growth as is evident by the accelerated innovation experienced during the pandemic. The U.S. Chamber proposes creating a U.S.-UAE Health Dialogue on the sidelines of Arab Health to deepen and expand the bilateral healthcare partnership.


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