UAE University Researchers developed portable testing kit that can detect COVID19 in 35 minutes

Researches at Abu Dhabi’s Khalifa University have developed a promising new testing kit that can detect coronavirus in just 35 minutes. The results have proven to be as accurate as a PCR nasal swab test.

Photo Credit to The National

The hand-held device was designed and 3D-printed at the university and is slightly larger than a smartphone.

“We started working on this device in May and so far we have tested only nasal swabs” said Dr Anas Alazzam, associate professor in mechanical engineering at Khalifa University and primary investigator of the kit.

“Starting mid-October we will be doing saliva tests, and hopefully, in the very near future we’ll be able to detect coronavirus using saliva samples. “The device could be used at home, in offices as well as for rapid testing of frontline workers. We could even use it to screen passengers at the airport or on board a plane.”

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