UAE saves people from starvation in Yemen

Yemen is desperately dependent on the help that other countries can offer since the country is going through the worst humanitarian crisis in the history of mankind. The United Arab Emirates is providing them necessary help by leading the mission to help Yemenis and save Yemenis from the crisis.

UAE launches 2nd phase of food aid to villages in Yemen’s Red Sea Coast

On Monday, the UAE again came forward to help the starving Yeminis community . The nation extended its humanitarian aid to help people from starvation in Yemen’s Red Sea port city of Hodeidah.

3,200 food parcels along with contributions to the displacement camps were received by poor families. Furthermore, the Emirates is currently a part of a coalition led by Saudi Arabia, who have been fighting against the Iran backed Houthi rebel group in the country.

Yemenis are grateful for the help that the UAE has been provided for the community.

“We are grateful for the UAE’s efforts that are still standing beside us and the displaced people here in Hodeidah receive food and necessary medical supplies,” Yemeni citizen named Khaled Hayal said.

Yemen has been under heavy influence of the Houthi rebel group who took over the majority of northern provinces in 2014. The militia group forced the internationally recognised government of the country headed by President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, out of power.

Many essentials have been destroyed in the country. From infrastructure, schools to healthcare and economic institutions, more than 80% of the entire population has been brought to the street.