UAE Passport: Highest Ranked in the Arab World

The UAE passport ranks first in the Arab world with Kuwait second and Qatar third, according to foreign investment advisors Nomad Capitalist.

Globally, the UAE passport ranks 38th, Kuwait on 97th and Qatar on 98th. While Oman is 103rd and Bahrain at 105th.

On the other hand, Eritrea, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Afghanistan passports are at bottom of the list.

UAE Passport landing on the top spot as the best passport in the Arab World reflects the country’s continuous efforts to better serve its people.

The Passport Index is based on the following criteria: visa-free travel, international tax laws, happiness and development, dual citizenship and personal freedom.

The survey relies on embassy data and experiences. It collates data from the IATA, Henley Index and news sources to rank travel access

Nomad Capital is a tax and immigration consulting firm created by entrepreneur Andrew Henderson who offers advice to entrepreneurs on offshore legal tax planning issues, citizenship and lifestyle planning.

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