UAE Mars Mission: Landmarks lit up across the Middle East to celebrate the historic event

Public buildings and landmarks across the Middle East lit up to mark the UAE Mars Mission.

The Roman Theatre in Amman, Jordan was bathed in red light on Monday night. Spotlights beamed the mission logo ‘Arabs to Mars’ onto the 2nd century building.

The Roman amphitheatre in Amman, Jordan, is lit up in red to mark the UAE Mars Mission

The Iraq Museum in Baghdad was lit up, too. The landmark holds some of the region’s most important artefacts and treasures from ancient times.

Iraq Museum is lit up in red to mark the UAE Mars Mission

Kuwait Towers, in Kuwait City, were also lit up with the UAE Mars Mission logo. The three slender towers are synonymous with Kuwait and dominate the country’s skyline.

Kuwait Towers light up in support of the UAE Mars Mission.

All eyes will be on live streams of the orbit insertion attempt, which begins from 7.30pm on Tuesday.