UAE is providing aid to Yemen for a decade

Did you know that back in 2011, when the situation in Yemen was beginning to worsen, as there were various elements of the society formed rebel groups which were funded by international terror groups — only the few were concerned about the state of the country and its people. Today, as the United nation calls it, Yemen has been going through the worst humanitarian crisis and at such a time those who are privileged must provide help to the needy.

The United Arab Emirates is one of the countries which has been actively helping people in Yemen by providing aid. The Emirates Red Crescent sent tonnes of aid to the war-torn country and even during the global issue of Covid-19 pandemic is in place, it continues to provide the help.

The Emirates Red Crescent revealed the figures last year. The figures revealed assistance provided by the UAE to Yemen from April 2015 through February 2020 amounted to over AED22 billion (US$6 billion).

Since a long time, the UAE has been trying to bring the country back on its foot by restructuring the system in Yemen. It has been contributing to infrastructure, rehabilitating schools and also contributing to the health centres.

In August last year, the emirati nation delivered aid through ships. A news agency at that time reported, “The beneficiaries thanked the UAE and the ERC for their continuous efforts in Yemen by delivering thousands of tons of food and relief aid to ease their suffering.”

Before that in the month of May, the Red Crescents distributed 770 tonnes of aid. This was also the time of Ramadan. The aid was not only directed to people who were struggling with basic requirements, it was also directed to the people struggling with Covid-19 pandemic. ERC has distributed a total of 18,000 food parcels benefitting 90,000 people.

While distributing the aid, the officials made sure that disabled people also get their share. Nearly 1,000 food parcels were given to them. UAE along with Saudi Arabia is constantly making sure that aid is provided to the needy in Yemen and no one is left of the basic necessities.

Since the start of the war in Yemen, UAE has been on the frontlines when it comes to helping the Yemeni population. The Emirati nations charitable organization have time and again made sure Yemen gets preference when it comes to aid given to the other nations. Coronavirus pandemic forced many countries to slow down their help to Yemen but for UAE, even during the crisis, the nation extended Yemen a helping hand.

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