UAE has become a leading global development model :Mauritanian Minister

“The UAE, thanks to its proactive vision and the approach of its leadership, has become a leading global development model that is constantly achieving historic successes in all areas”, said Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, Mauritanian Minister, Diplomat and Former UN Official.

“The UAE’s leadership is continuing the process of comprehensive development, and today, the country has completed many modern projects. The success of the Hope Probe mission is due to the fact the UAE’s leadership has kept pace with global developments in technology and scientific research and has always sought to compete in all scientific, economic and technical fields,” he added.

He also commended the historic achievement accomplished by the UAE, a first in the Arab world, with the successful journey of the Hope Probe to Mars, which is a scientific and economic achievement that highlights the proactive and bold vision of the Emirati leadership.

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