UAE and UK more collaboration in clean energy

Collaboration in clean energy and life sciences will play an ever-increasing role in strengthening ties between the UK and the UAE, Minister for export, Graham Stuart MP, said during a visit to Dubai.

“The Gulf in general and UAE, in particular, are incredibly significant trading partners to the UK,” he said.

“We believe we can open more markets, both for the UK and the UAE capability.

“By working together we’ll be able to have more reach and more effect than we will by working alone.

“We think there’s so much more we can do.”

Trade partnerships between the UK and UAE are significant, with British exports being one and a half times larger to the Emirates than they are to India.

The UAE is the UK’s 20th largest export market globally, accounting for Dh50 billion (£10bn) of UK exports in the year up to Q3 2020.

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