UAE: 10 high-paying jobs that will stay in demand in 20 years

As the UAE paves its way to a more digital future, recruiters have highlighted high-paying jobs that will still be in demand in 20 years.

Artificial intelligence and software engineering roles are among those expected to increase in demand.

“The UAE is one of very few countries where government is setting an example for private firms to follow, by rapidly adopting digital governance,” said Hasan Babat, managing consultant at human resources company Tuscan Consultancy.

The 10 high-paying jobs that will stay in demand:

  1. Artificial intelligence engineer, Dh32,000 per month
  2. Data scientist, Dh32,000 per month
  3. Management consultant, Dh35,000 per month
  4. Investment banker, Dh45,000 per month
  5. Principal scientist, Dh38,000 per month
  6. Medical doctor, Dh33,000 per month
  7. Cyber security engineer, Dh30,000 per month
  8. Finance officer, Dh33,000 per month
  9. Software engineer, Dh35,000 per month
  10. Senior human resources officer, Dh30,000 per month

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