Groundbreaking Achievement: First Emirati patient undergo a successful bone marrow transplant in the UAE

Abdel Rahman Al Jaberi, 42, was diagnosed with leukaemia in October.

Abdel Rahamn Al Jaberi, the first Emirati patient to undergo a successful bone marrow transplant in the UAE, praised the another step forward for medical journey in the country.

Emiratis and residents can now avail of services closer to home. Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Centre (ADSCC), in collaboration with Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC), established a new programme which offers treatment for UAE patients suffering haematological and oncological illnesses.

This is a groundbreaking advancement specially for Emirati cancer patients requiring bone marrow transplants and had to travel abroad for the procedures.

There are now more than 40 patients are awaiting bone marrow transplants in the Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Centre programme

ADSCC, Abu Dhabi-based specialist healthcare centre, was founded in March 2019. It focuses on cell therapy and regenerative medicine, as well as delivering cutting-edge research on stem cells in the region.

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