Global Village lights up Dubai skies to celebrate New Year 2021

Global Village, the UAE and wider region’s leading multicultural family destination for culture, shopping, and entertainment, welcomed in the New Year in a spectacular style as a series of celebrations took place across the park to mark the beginning of 2021. What transpired over the course of the evening will live long in the memory of everybody in attendance as a vibrant atmosphere and spirit of excitement came together with unique shopping, dining, and entertainment attractions.

Photo Credit to WAM
Photo Credit to WAM

Global Village has been making sustained progress as it bids to break 25 Guinness World Records titles to mark the 25th anniversary. The latest title was claimed on New Year’s Eve to the delight of everybody in attendance who witnessed the countdown to 2021 on the largest underwater mesh screen in the world. The LED mesh screen measures 5013.394 square meters and 223,000 pixels. This is the 9th record of the season and moves the park closer to its ambitious target of 25, one for each week of the season.

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