First set of plans of UAE’s Project of the 50

The UAE will start the new season of the Year of the 50th with 50 new projects, called ‘projects of the 50’. No other nation has developed and progressed so far and as quickly as the UAE during this worldwide pandemic.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid noted that “the UAE makes its future by itself”

The UAE leadership has announced today the first set of 50 new projects plants that will movie in the next phase of growth for the country

Here are below first set of plans:

-100 lighthouse projects in priority sectors

-‘Attract 100 coders every day’

-UAE ‘green visa’ holders can sponsor sons till they are 25

-Green, freelance visas announced

-Dh5 billion allocated for industrial sector

-New portal to be launched

-Basis of the projects revealed

More info:

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