Emirati Influencer Khalid Al Ameri attends former maid’s wedding in Uganda

Last week, renowned Emirati social media influencer, Khalid Al Ameri, and his wife kept their promise to fund and attend the wedding ceremony of their former Ugandan nanny, Sarah.

“You were not just a housemaid in our home. You had become part of our family and everyone is going to miss you,” he said as he bade farewell to Nasanga who was returning to her native Uganda to get married after diligently serving the family for six years.

“You are so important to all of us, and we wish you good luck,” Khalid Al Ameri said.

Al Ameri also promised to Sarah that he would finance her wedding party and that he and his family would be attending the ceremony. Last week, Al Ameri and his family members flew to Uganda to attend the wedding that held on Friday (April 9).

A group of Ugandans and some tourism officials gave a warm welcome to Al Ameri’s family members.

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