Donor Conference for Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen 2021

Six million people, including three million children, have no clean water or sanitation services during the coronavirus pandemic. Photo Credits to REUTERS.

A U.N. pledging conference is seeking $3.85 billion to provide life-saving assistance to 16 million people living on the edge of survival in conflict-ridden Yemen.

This donor’s conference co-hosted by Sweden and Switzerland, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. The amount raised, however, was less than what the U.N. received last year, and a billion dollars short of what was pledged in the 2019 conference.

Here’s the results of the Donors Conference for Yemen this 2021 and the list of countries contributed:

Saudi Arabia 430 million dollars
United Arab Emirates 230 million dollars
Germany 200 million euros
America 191 million dollars
The European Union 95 million euros
Qatar 70 million dollars
Canada 69.9 million dollars
Sweden 30 million dollars
South Korea 19 million dollars
The Netherlands 18 million euros

Since 2015, the UAE has provided more than US$6 billion in assistance to Yemen, which has focused mainly on supporting the humanitarian situation. . The UAE has also been one of the largest international contributors to Yemen’s COVID-19 responses. Over the course of the pandemic, the UAE has sent 122 tons of medical supplies to Yemen to boost the efforts of some 122,000 healthcare workers to contain COVID-19

For Donor Conference for Yemen 2021, the UAE committed US$230 million. This is in addition to ongoing bilateral UAE assistance efforts and will help fund international programs that meet the medical, nutritional, and food security needs of the country. This latest commitment will meet the food needs of 6 million Yemenis, including 1 million children, in response to the food security risks observed in some areas of Yemen.

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