Celebrating Achievement: The Children and Women of the Emirates

The UAE goals to become a global leader in artificial intelligence by 2031. And Saanvi Chouraria, a seven-year-old schoolgirl from Abu Dhabi, is already following the country’s vision and mission.

Photo Credit to The National

She is now the youngest kid to complete an internship in artificial intelligence at the University of Oxford. In addition, she has finished a certification in coding with Google.

On other news, Sabha Salem Hamdan Al Diri, a 100-year-old Emirati woman has joined the ranks of those who are fighting the pandemic in the UAE by taking the free Covid-19 vaccine.

Photo Credit to The National

This strong Emirati woman said the process was easy and that she had no complaints. She added that she would like to take the chance and thank our prudent leadership for making the Covid-19 vaccine available to everybody.

These achievements are worth celebrating for. What an inspiration to the children and women not just in the UAE but to the world.

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