Amnesty says never claimed leaked phone numbers were of NSO Pegasus Spyware list

In a new statement, Amnesty International claimed the list was indicative of the interests of NSO Group’s clients. Serious doubts about the veracity of the allegations

Concerns are increasing about the numbers provided by Amnesty International and the French Forbidden Stories on the Pegasus Project international espionage case. Reports from international websites misquoting, mistranslating, and misinterpreting a Hebrew statement issued by Amnesty International Israel on the Pegasus Project and its leaked database.

The international organization released on Thursday afternoon a new sharply worded official statement. In response to what it said were false allegations on social media and inaccurate media stories concerning the Pegasus Project,” Amnesty said to stand by the findings and that the data is irrefutably linked to potential targets of NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware. The false rumours being pushed on social media are intended to distract from stories widespread unlawful targeting of journalists, activists and others that the Pegasus Project has revealed.”

Amnesty Inter, national added it would issue an English translation of the Amnesty International Israel statement shortly. Gil Naveh, the spokesperson of Amnesty International Israel, confirmed that the media in Israel wrongly reported the organization’s Hebrew statement and is being improperly quoted in English.

The NSO Group has called the reports fabricated. “It is not an NSO list, and it never was — it is fabricated information. It is not a list of targets or potential targets of NSO’s customers. That is all baseless,” NSO spokesperson Ariella Ben stressed. The unverified data released is inaccurate and is a suggested list of numbers that might or might not have been of interest to potential NSO customers. Sources of the data remain unidentified and cannot be independently verified; therefore, such data is evidence of an apparent smear campaign targeting countries that have recently favored Israeli cybersecurity options.

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