Abraham Accords: UAE opens new embassy in Israel, marks new paradigm of peace

The UAE has opened a new embassy in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) building. This is months after becoming the first Arab nation in decades to normalise diplomatic relations with Israel.

UAE’s ambassador to Israel, Mohamed Al Khaja said, “This embassy will serve not just as a home for diplomats but a base for our task to continue to build on our new partnership. To seek dialogue, not disputes, to build a new paradigm of peace and to provide a model for a new collaborative approach to conflict resolution in the Middle East.”

“This embassy is not just a hub for diplomats, but a base to continue in our new partnership.”

“It marks a new paradigm for peace.”

Israel President Isaac Herzog thanked UAE leader Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed and former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu for their work on bringing the two nations together in peace.